Day 1

9:50 AM – So far so good.  I drank the protein drink then made the morning detox shake.  I added avocado which I thought was weird but as it turns out it was the lemon rind and some of the cranberry skin which didn’t break down enough in the blender that gave me the most trouble swallowing the brew.  It’s also WAAAAY more shake than I can drink first thing in the morning so tomorrow I will be cutting the recipe in half.

Hypnosis for Smoking Day 1 Detox Day, That's Life Wellness1:34 PM – Just finished lunch.  It wasn’t too bad, in a healthy kind of way.  What I’m noticing is that I am going to the bathroom a lot more than usual.  This could be the requirement to drink 8 glasses of water a day, plus the protein drink, the breakfast drink and the broth in the soup.  Today was chicken soup with carrots, onions, celery, and spinach.

6:49 PM – Feeling sick and have the shakes.  Don’t know that I can make dinner.  Going up to take a warm bath…I feel completely chilled down to my bones.  Also tired…can barely work up the motivation to walk upstairs.