Day 0 – Prep for the program

Tomorrow I begin Dr. Mark Hyman’s 10-Day Blood Sugar Detox Diet.  I’m curious whether it will be as easy as his book proclaims.  He says I should expect to drop some weight and feel energized which sounds nice.  So, let the fun begin.

Hypnotists in Charlotte NC Shopping List, That's Life WellnessToday I gathered some of the basic food ingredients I will use over the next 10 days.  I made a trip to my local organic store (EarthFare).  It was awkward searching for food items I don’t know….everything was foreign.  What is Tahini?  What do hemp seeds look like and where do I find them?  Pumpkin seeds, really!?!  One ingredient still has me stumped but I’m hoping I’ll figure it out before I need it….low-sodium tamari.  Even the manager didn’t know what it is.  I must admit the shopping adventure made me a little tense.  After spending $226 I still didn’t pick up organic chicken, snapper or frozen cranberries.  But I DID have a beautiful new water bottle which will come in handy since I must consume 8 glasses of water a day!  Oh my!Hypnotists in Charlotte NC Diet Program, That's Life Wellness

I found the additional items at my regular grocery store for another $50.  This isn’t everything.  It is just the staples and meat to get me through the first three days.  AND…I will be taking supplements (protein drinks, vitamins, etc) which I already ordered from Mark Hyman’s convenient website, for another $140.

The diet advocates cutting out all sugar, gluten, dairy, grains, beans, all processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and all refined and processed vegetable oils.  (No wonder I should lose weight…what’s left?)

To celebrate this new adventure I went out to dinner and enjoyed pizza.  It’ll be at least 10 days, maybe longer, before I will savor this treat again.  It was delicious!!

Let me know if you’d like to join with me in this journey.  I’ll continue to journal my progress.  Right now I’m feeling somewhat tense wondering whether I have it in me to really cook and eat this strange stuff.  Good-bye pizza….hello nuts.