Day 2

10:19AM – Well, I lived through the night, going to bed without dinner.  I had a headache all night, felt nauseous as I lay down, and then just exhausted.  Fortunately today is Saturday so I don’t have to think about going to work.  I HIGHLY recommend planning on a weekend to start this regime.

I didn’t think I would have any withdrawal symptoms.  They came as a surprise.   Right now, I feel better but kind of blah.  I managed to drink the protein drink, make the detox shake, and take all the supplements.  My motivation level is low and I’m questioning whether I can continue this for the whole 10 days.

12:21PM – Time for lunch.  The soup is warming on the stove although the thought of eating it is not great.  I threw up the detox shake about half an hour ago.  That was fun! (only kidding)  The back of my head hurts and mostly I just want to sleep until tomorrow.  According to Dr. Hyman’s book I should be through this stage by tomorrow…it can’t come soon enough.  I made a deal with myself to try to digest the soup, but I forfeit the protein drink which I’m suppose to have before lunch.  I don’t think both will work right now, so it’s the soup since I’m hungry.  Is this worth this?  I hope I can stay the course long enough to find out.

5:30PMish – I had been resting most of the afternoon, still fighting a headache and feeling yucky, when all of a sudden I knew I needed some food.  I was hungry and weak and grouchy.  I demanded some help to make dinner….NOW!  Since I did not have dinner from Day 1 and I needed to use the salmon, that was the recipe I attacked.  Within minutes (with help) my dinner was ready.  My tastebuds must be affected because nothing tasted good.  I was told it was good, but all I could do was pick at the salmon and eat a few tomatoes (yes, I expanded on the salad part of the recipe…but all within the accepted range).  I ended up covering the plate and putting it in the refrigerator for lunch tomorrow…even the idea of having that plain chicken soup at lunch turns my stomach.