Day 4

Had a restless night, sometimes too hot and sometimes chilled, sometimes got “zingers” moving through my head when I changed positions.

Woke up this morning feeling like I now need to retreat and regroup.  I give!!!  I self-induced this headache and overall bad feeling by taking an approach which has proved to be too drastic for my body.  I need to eat and rebuild my strength.  I need some food I understand.  The thought of drinking another protein drink, or having hemp seeds and stuff I never, never eat, makes my stomach flip.  I need to work with my clients and that will be difficult under present physical conditions.

I am abandoning the detox, but not without learning some valuable lessons which can possibly benefit my clients.  First, I believe asking someone to go cold turkey and eliminate EVERYTHING from ones diet all at once is radical.  I would prefer a step-down approach…cut out caffeine first, for example, then dairy, then sugar, etc.  One at a time.

This was not a failure!  I tried and learned from the experience.  No failure in that.  There is no greater lesson learned than one learned experientially.