Hospitals and Trauma Change Us

9 Jan

Hospitals are the most dangerous place to be.  According to the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Service only about 1 in 7 incidents leading to patients being harmed in a hospital gets reported. The inspector general estimated that the true rate at which Medicare beneficiaries suffer an “adverse event” — a medical error or an infection acquired in the hospital — was 130,000 per month.

Health crisis is often the reason for a trip to the hospital.  And, unfortunately, trauma is often an uninvited guest when leaving the hospital.  What kind of emotional support did you receive during your stay?  The family worries about the loved one, is anxious about the cost, can be upset about the care and attention (or lack of attention) provided, and may feel guilty or angry that they were unable to do more, give more, be present longer, or take away the hurt, pain, and suffering.

When things go “right” life returns to a familiar routine very quickly.  But what happens when the frustration and trauma of the hospital experience come home with you?  Relationships suffer; the house loses its comfortable sanctuary charm.  But hold on…after the life-altering experience of being in a hospital you have new opportunities.  It’s a time to reflect on what was working in your life, and what wasn’t working so great.  Most often you must alter lifestyle to manage your recovery or the recovery of a loved one.  This is a great time to alter those parts of yourself and your life which you don’t like…re-invent your whole life!

Start by acknowledging and releasing any anger, guilt or frustration associated with the care, the illness or the physical trauma.  Do this right away, before new, negative emotional patterns are created.  Then make a decision to see the world differently…as you have always wanted to see it.

Yes…you CAN find a positive perspective in a negative event.  Your “plight in life” only needs to be a burden if you resign yourself to a life of no options.  Bad things can happen to good people, but good people can turn lemons into lemonade if they choose.

Hypnosis recognizes that the unconscious mind houses your beliefs, boundaries, and judgments.  You are never…I repeat…never stuck with those.  YOU invented them and can re-invent them at will, by choice.  Many of those old beliefs weren’t even yours, to begin with.  You adopted them from family, friends, co-workers and your social groups.  And here’s the really cool thing…you can update those beliefs.  You don’t wear the same style of clothes you wore 5 years ago (I hope) so why are you creating your reality based on beliefs from 5, 10, 20 or more than 30 years ago?

You or your loved one is at a new beginning point, a new phase after a life-threatening event.  So choose to move forward in a more positive, better, more productive experience.  All that baggage only slows down the individual carrying the burdens of anxiety, guilt, grief, fear and anger.  Hypnosis has been shown to effectively help shift perspectives; flip the coin from the dark shadows of low energy, in to the light of awareness.  Empower yourself to live happier instead of allowing the challenges of Life to freeze your growth.

In my practice, I work to facilitate change, quiet that negative inner chatter, provide an outlet to release anger and/or fear, and update old beliefs which are no longer working for you.

The results may vary from person to person.

Read more: (Report (OEI-06-09-00091, 01-052012- Hospital Incident Reporting Systems Do Not Capture Most Patient Harm)

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