Hypnosis can help in 2020

31 Aug
You’ve GOT this!

My work as a Hypnotherapist focuses around shifting perspectives, beliefs, patterns and habits. The more flexible we are to adapt to change, the easier it is to let go of old stuff and create explore new opportunities without fear.

This year most business professionals, such as myself, are being tested to see how well WE can adapt. My work with clients has been an in-person experience for over 10 years, helping them to stop smoking, release weight, manage stress, trauma, relationship issues, pain, sports performance and an array of other personal difficulties. I realize I must make some changes to meet the needs of both my clients and my career.

I have started offering online programs to help people stop smoking. Check out my schedule at: Judyjohnston.com. I will be adding programs to address other issues as I become more comfortable with this format, OR as you let me know what you need.

In addition, if you are ready to make positive change in your life, but my office in Charlotte, NC is too far away or would rather work via Zoom, give me a call and we can arrange sessions via Zoom. I am offering a free 30 minute introductory zoom meet-and-greet so that you feel comfortable with this format and to coordinate a convenient time for a full session if ready to begin the process of healing.

I love the idea of offering several options to meet your needs; in-person for those living in the Charlotte area, online through my group events booked through Judyjohnston.com, or individual appointments via Zoom. I am looking forward to get to know you and assist you in making positive personal changes! Let’s get started!

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