Hypnosis Can Help with Tough Choices

23 Jul

Hypnosis can help you define and make choices that are positive for your mind – body and spirit!!

One of the saddest reminders of how dis-empowered we have become is to experience a new client walking into my office, strapped to an oxygen tank, or in a walker with barely enough breath to make it to a chair. Medicine can replace an organ, replace a joint, remove a tumor, prescribe you a drug, and provide you with devices to keep you alive. It does a poor job of addressing the cause of your originating illness, habit, or dis-ease. Medicine can help to sustain life but does not guarantee the quality of your sustained life experience.

Hypnosis in Charlotte NC Can Help You With Tough ChoicesHowever, YOU have choice!

Has anything changed regarding smoking and health issues?

NO!! The studies continue to tell us that smoking kills. So why are so many people still addicted to this habit? It’s illogical to continue to do something you know is damaging your mind and body.   So why not try an alternative to medicine, that on the surface appears illogical, to address your illogical reasoning associated with actions preventing you from growing in a positive direction?

I am a hypnotist and integrative nutritional health coach and a certified brain health coach. I think it’s important to address the health of your body AND the health of your brain. These two parts of us are intimately connected. If one suffers, so does the other. When is comes to smoking, obesity, and even stress, you are destroying yourself both physically and emotionally. And when you don’t take care of yourself, other relationships can suffer.

Hypnosis in Charlotte NC Can Help You With Tough ChoicesFamily patterns are passed down from generation to generation. Statistics show that you are much more likely to become a smoker, obese, and learn stressful strategies growing up in a family of these patterns.

You can break the pattern! You have choice!

Social patterns provide us excuses and distractions to accommodate negative behavior. Restaurants offer huge portions of high calorie meals full of preservatives, sugar and alcohol. Drinking is considered to be a social “norm”. Communication with friends, co-workers, and interactions viewed on TV generally focus on all the “ills” in the world. This attracts ills in your life, and negative patterns in your thoughts.

You CAN change the way you think! You have choice!

Refusal to care about health in the moment – living for THIS moment only, is a recipe for disaster. It is you being Present with a dark twist that reinforces to your subconscious, “I don’t care whether I live a long life, so I’ll indulge myself now”.

I have clients that wait until they’ve had 3 or 4 heart attacks before coming in to stop smoking. I see clients on oxygen because smoking has damaged their ability to take a simple breath.   They can’t drive or walk with assistance. Their minds are damaged from lack of oxygen and blood. I have clients that wait until they have had hip and/or knee replacements or need them before calling to work on losing 100 or more pounds of fat.

Thankfully, more doctors are refusing joint surgery until patients DO lose a significant amount of weight before surgery. Doctors are refusing surgery for patients that need organ transplants until they quit smoking. IN fact, many doctors are refusing all elective surgeries until patients quit smoking.

High blood pressure (a major contributor to heart attack and stroke) can be directly affected by stress. Depression lowers the body’s immune response to protect from infections and viruses.

Don’t turn a blind eye!! Wake up and make a choice to care about YOU! You can practice your way towards loving yourself as you feel stronger, healthier and more empowered.

It is sad to witness all the abuse we do to ourselves.

Hypnosis in Charlotte NC Can Help You With Tough ChoicesIf you have even a small desire to age, keeping all your original parts and in a strong mental capacity, then take this moment to say GOOD-BYE to negative habits, both mental and physical, NOW.

Use this Present moment to begin to stand up for yourself and say, “I DO matter”!

If you need support making this shift, reach out for help. Invest your time to focus your energy to a brighter, happier, healthier, more empowered future. As you make positive change you can be an example to help others do the same.

Hypnosis in Charlotte NC Can Help You With Tough ChoicesYou always have choice until your mind or body is too weak to provide for you. Exercise choice today!

Thank you.

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