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3 Aug

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How you think about yourself is labeling.  Care should be taken to choose labels that support your future goals, not block you from them.

You BECOME the labels you identify with.  Change your personal labels and you change the parameters and boundaries in your life. Walt Disney said, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it”.   Hypnosis is an effective tool to help you imagine yourself wearing the labels that work for you today instead of yesterday.

Everything has a label…from food to clothes, to cars and homes.  These labels help us understand more about the products we may invest in. Every disorder has a label too. Did you know that grief is now labeled as a mental disorder? Every illness has a label, many that we can’t pronounce.

We label ourselves as well. Who are you? What’s your name? Are you tall, short, thin, fat, pretty, homely, sad, happy, successful, shy, aggressive, etc? What are you? Are you a smoker, or an athlete, an artist, an alcoholic, or an accountant? The boundaries of who/what we believe ourselves to be are based on the labels we know. (But what if there is more than what we know? More on this in a follow-up post.)

Hypnotists in Charlotte NC Judgement, That's Life WellnessWe judge labels. We can’t help it. Judging is a part of a relative experience of highs and lows, etc. And the closer the label is to our beliefs and identity, the more invested and stronger we feel about it. I don’t really care about the make or model of ski equipment because I don’t ski, but someone who is a professional skier and looks to that sport as a personal goal or income would have a huge interest in brand name and self-identification as a skier. Is it a good thing to be shy or aggressive, tall or short, happy or sad? Every person and every situation sets us up to judge the labels we identify with.   Some of you may be saying, “I don’t judge”. And by that very statement, you ARE judging. Opinions are based on judgment.

So, how do you label yourself? Have you been diagnosed with something that you now believe you must live with for the rest of your life? AA, for example, tells people, “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic”. Is this true? If you believe it to be true, then it IS true for you. What would happen if you let go of a label that isn’t working for you? Would you feel free or feel afraid? As long as that label works for you, you have no reason to change it. But once you understand you can be something else, then choose to let go of fear and step into something else.
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Our beliefs play a strong role in our physical experience. Every thought you have generates a chemical that effects a physical shift in the body. There is a wonderful book by Anita Moorjani, Dying To Be Me. It’s about a woman diagnosed with 4th stage lymphoma and given hours to live. She goes into a coma and has a near-death experience where she has a conversation with God about whether to return back to this Life or pass over. She decides that if she returns she will be cancer free. She does return and as soon as her eyes open she redefines the label of “cancer” in her life. Within hours her cancer disappeared. Was it her faith, her belief, her relabeling of Self that created a shift in her physical environment? Perhaps it was all of that and more. These parts of us are all connected.

In my home life, I find that I judge my labels quite a lot. And it makes me upset when others don’t honor my personal labels as much as I do. It’s quite funny actually. Communication is the greatest challenge we have in this world, yet my expectations of those closest to me are that they read my mind and understand the labels I hold deep inside. That’s absurd!

The longer we hold on to a label the more we invest in it.  “I’m a kind person…Why would he/she treat me as they did?” “I want to quit smoking but I’ve been a smoker for 30 years.” “I have always been an introvert ever since I can remember.” “I’m a Republican and will vote that way no matter who is running.”

In my office labels are barriers to change. If you “are” _______________ or ________________, then how will you become ________________ or _________________ without letting go of the initial labels? Change is about choosing different.

Try thinking about personal labels a little different. Instead of seeing them written in permanent markers, see them as disposable. You can be one thing this hour and something else in the next. If you are sick right now, you don’t have to be sick in an hour. The body AND the mind are brilliant and flexible if you will allow your conscious mind to be fluid and ever-evolving.

Begin to invest in labels that allow you to feel in charge of yourself and your choices. Begin to trust in the choices you make and be flexible enough to change a decision if it doesn’t feel right. There are no wrong choices. Only choices you hold on to for shorter or longer periods of time.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to focus on how brilliant and expanded we are. We are so much more than what we label or believe. We can’t know what we don’t know but if we could we would understand how easy it is to let go of labels that work against our conscious desires, and accept labels that catapult us to feel better, healthier, safer, more whole and happy. Hypnosis is one way to let go of outside expectations and begin to honor the inside needs to balance and find harmony with the true nature of You.

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What is YOUR label? Choose one right now (Successful, Relaxed, Brilliant, Prosperous, Healthy, Empowered, Energized, Motivated, Happy, etc) and aspire to BE that choice.

The first step to achieving is an acknowledgment that “I CAN”.



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