Sports Performance

Playing at a high level of performance is enhanced when you trust your intuition to guide you. You can’t think your way through a play.  It just happens through an innate knowing of the movement in your physical and mental bodies.  Hypnosis works with the unconscious mind to instruct the physical and intuitive memory so response is more precise and accurate.

sports performanceThe inner mind is concerned with emotions, imagination, habits and memory as well as your autonomic nervous system. There is an association between mental and physical performance, people’s thoughts do affect their emotions and their performance. Emotions cause biochemical changes in one’s body; fear causes muscles to tighten, negatively affecting one’s performance. In hypnosis I will assist you with getting in touch with and releasing unhelpful emotions; you will be able to release excess tension in your mind and body. Because the mind, body and spirit are connected – and you like the idea of being more flexible in mind and body, you will find yourself doing what is needed to become disciplined and open-minded during your game, match or competition. Your calm mind will permit you to ‘stay in the zone’ where you will experience an altered state; this is where your true potential is. With the ability to stay in the zone, you can stay focused on the game, feel confident and maintain the muscle state necessary to accomplish athletic grace combined with physical power.

Hypnosis continues to lead the way as the best way to help people involved in sport achieve their true potential. Using hypnosis within the realms of sports performance can have truly remarkable results in whichever discipline you wish to improve.

sports performance1Most people would agree that a good part of excelling in any sporting activity is down to physical ability. Some sports require great physical strength, whereas some sports are more agility based, and others require endurance and stamina. Either way, the human physique is being used to achieve certain tasks and all of these activities require muscular movement.

Muscular movements are controlled by the brain, and more specifically, the subconscious mind is responsible for the actual movement. For example, when we hit a ball with a tennis racquet we make a conscious decision to hit the ball, but our subconscious mind is the actual part that does the “hitting”. If you think about it, how on earth would we be able to hit the ball otherwise.

Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Kevin McBride have all used hypnotic techniques to take their game to the next level, attaining a state where their mind is functioning at its optimum for their discipline.

The actual movement of hitting the ball required millions of nerve impulses to fire and stimulate our muscles to move. Within fractions of a second our subconscious mind processes sensory information (like how long before the ball reaches us, where will the ball be when it reaches us) and also processes information like how hard we need to hold the racquet so it doesn’t fly out of our hands when we hit the ball – the list it quite literally endless.

People excel at sports because they train. It is generally understood that if you train at anything – practicing the activity over and over again – you will improve.

hypnosis and sportsImproving your training with hypnotherapy is in fact programming the subconscious mind; it is teaching subconscious mind how to do something. In the process of training, the subconscious mind learns what works and what doesn’t, and as we work at our sport more and more, we improve because the subconscious mind’s programes improve: we learn how to hit a tennis ball harder and more accurately, we learn to lift weights with correct form and posture, we learn how to run very fast and jumped over hurdles.

Because so much of sports performance is due to the subconscious mind, months or even years of training can be bypassed by using hypnosis to teach the unconscious mind new things that will be beneficial to increasing performance in any particular sport. This teaching would occur over time naturally, with months or years of training, but why wait?

“A lot of athletes use only 2% to 8% of their ability at any given time… What hypnosis does is send out signals to the subconscious mind that makes you leave nothing behind. I’m going to take it to Mike Tyson with a 100% effort. He’s going to have to knock me out to win.” – Kevin McBride 32-4-1 record with 27 KOs

The mind is so important in sports performance that top professional wouldn’t even consider dismissing this fact. Indeed throughout history, many top athletes and sports professionals have used hypnosis in order to gain the edge they need to win.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind which happens to us every day. During a hypnotic trance, your mind goes into an altered state, where alpha and theta brainwaves are present. This happens in a variety of situations – each time we read a captivating novel, float off in a daydream, or become absorbed in an entrancing movie, we are in this state.

For thousands of years people have naturally recognized the power of hypnosis to make positive changes, enhance learning, heal emotional scars, change habits, reach goals and speed the healing process.

During hypnosis, direct communication with your unconscious mind can be established. In a hypnotic trance, when guided properly, our minds and bodies are able to allow change much more readily. The door is open to the abilities of the ultra-powerful unconscious mind.

HypnosisIn hypnosis you are in control.  In fact, you are more in control of your mind in hypnosis, than is normally the case as you go about your day – distracted by your thoughts, mind going a million miles a minute, multi-tasking and living in a world that moves at breakneck speed.

Before going into a trance during a session, understand that you will continue to be aware during hypnosis and will only accept suggestions that your mind deems moral and appropriate.

Not only is hypnosis safe, it is actually healthy for a variety of conditions.

Anyone CAN be hypnotized and only a light state of hypnosis is required to achieve most changes.

Many people have a talent for going into hypnosis – they go into a trance naturally and easily. Other people may have to learn the skill of going into a trance purposefully. Either way, hypnosis can be a powerful tool for self-empowerment and achieving any goal.

successIf you’d like to have your most powerful ally, your unconscious mind, working toward achieving your goals…feel free to call or email us. I am happy to answer any questions that you might have so that you’ll be comfortable coming in for a session.

I charge $100 per session.  The first session is a two-hour appointment and subsequent sessions are approximately an hour.

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*Results vary from person to person.  It’s up to YOU to make permanent change.  I simply work as a partner to set up a conducive environment to make a positive shift.