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Hypnosis for Smoking, That's Life Wellness

Decide if you are ready to stop smoking.

Cigarettes contain 1 mg of nicotine, 4000+ other chemicals, and toxins

Snuff/chewing tobacco contain 3 -4 mg of nicotine, 1000+ other chemicals, and toxins

Cigars contain 100-400 mg of nicotine and other chemicals including TSNA (some of the most carcinogenic compounds known to mankind)

Watch how quickly your body will heal as you change this habit.

Smoking and the use of tobacco is a bad friend that takes your money, your time, and your health.  You don’t notice the effects right away, but over time your energy is depleted and your stress increases.  It’s a complete illusion that smoking relaxes you….it does the exact opposite.  There are chemicals in cigarettes that make you feel relaxed but actually, your body is in a state of chaos.  There is even sugar in a lot of brands of cigarettes to make them more addictive.  That’s just wrong.

Hypnosis for Smoking, That's Life Wellness

Instead of burning your money, wouldn’t it be nice to spend it on a more positive activity?  If you spend $3.50 on a pack of cigarettes and smoke a pack a day, that’s over $100 a month or $1200 a year.

The average person spends approximately 5 minutes smoking one cigarette.  If you smoke a pack a day, that’s over an hour each and every day spent puffing on something damaging your body instead of honoring your health.  That’s over 30 hours every month or over 15 days a year devoted to this habit.

Hypnosis for Smoking, That's Life WellnessI love working with clients to stop smoking because it’s a wonderful first step to start nurturing your body.  The habit is both physical and emotional.  It only takes up to 72 hours to clear your body of the nicotine and other toxins.  After this short time, if you experience any urges or cravings for smoking it’s an emotional attachment.

Hypnosis for Smoking, Effects, That's Life Wellness

Physical effects of smoking

Smoking constricts your veins and arteries.  Smokers are more susceptible to heart attack and strokes.  Our organs need oxygen and nutrients to function properly.  Physicians often refer patients to me to help them stop smoking before surgeries.  As a smoker, you heal slower and are more susceptible to infections.  Studies show that there are more amputations due to vascular complications related to smoking than diabetes.  If you are both a smoker and have diabetes you double your risk to infections.  On a positive note, your veins begin to relax and expand back to normal within 48 hours of being smoke-free.  When that happens you may notice a lowering of blood pressure.

Smoking is a very acidic habit.  This creates an environment ideal for a disease to develop.  Cancer needs an acid environment to thrive.  This habit creates a perfect storm.

If that’s not enough…Children of smokers are more prone to upper respiratory infections, ear infections, and allergies.  Pregnant women that smoke is more prone to miscarriage.  Smoking can lead to tooth decay, erectile dysfunction, bone loss, heart and lung disease, even headaches and depression.

Emotional effects of smoking

Every time you inhale, chew or puff on a cigarette, snuff or cigar, you affirm yourself as a smoker or tobacco user.  This becomes part of your identity or who you consider yourself to be.  You invest in this identity each time you associate with nicotine.Hypnosis for Smoking, Parents, That's Life Wellness

I don’t judge in my office.  Smoking works for you…until it doesn’t.  Typically when people call me for help to become smoke-free it’s because the habit is no longer working for them.  It’s a relationship that has run its course.  It’s time to say good-bye.  The habit IS NOT larger than you.  You are in charge and when you decide it’s time to move forward in your life free from the old habit, then you can.

The greatest fear is having urges or cravings.  This is the greatest fear but in my experience, not the greatest challenge.  It’s the transition between the identity of being a smoker versus being a non-smoker that sets up a period of confusion about what you are.  You may be not smoking, but not recognizing yourself as a non-smoker until you haven’t been smoking for a period of time.  In this “no man’s land” of identity you set yourself up to challenge this new identity of a non-smoker.

In hypnosis, you will say so long to any urges or cravings that travel with the habit of tobacco and shorten this gap of identity so you no longer need to challenge yourself.

Hypnosis for Smoking, Success, That's Life WellnessMy program:  The first session is a two-hour appointment.  We will focus on the physical component of smoking.  I will go over several techniques to deal with any urges or cravings and explain how the conscious and unconscious minds process data differently.  We will spend about an hour in hypnosis, defining for the unconscious your goal to be tobacco-free, letting go of the old habit and acknowledging yourself as a non-smoker.

The second session is an hour appointment.  We’ll deal with anything that may have happened between the first session and this session.  Then we will focus on anchoring and reinforce positive emotional resources so you don’t go back to the old habit when stressors show up in your life.

I also offer a third session as a safety net just in case you find yourself slipping and need some additional support down the road.

I charge $250 for the entire program.  Think of it as an investment in your health.  It may be the best investment you ever make.  You will be turning back the clock by 5+ years.

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*Results vary from person to person.  It’s up to YOU to make a permanent change.  I simply work as a partner to set up a conducive environment to make a positive shift.