Hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnosis opens us to a positive, peaceful, safe space where shifts and changes can open us to a more positive Future experience.  To release or lose weight first must start with a new mindset that will be a partner in achieving your goal.  This can involve shifting beliefs about eating, or underlying beliefs about self-worth and lift YOU as a priority.  YOU matter!

Truck Driver, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, That's Life WellnessHow does changing beliefs about food help?  Our thoughts are the main driver for our actions or IN-action.  How did you put on that excess weight?  Probably without thinking about the consequences.  It satisfied a need or craving IN THE MOMENT and you didn’t consider the long-term ramifications.

When we are moving through life, most of us are reactive to our basic needs from moment to moment.  We respond to others in loving or negative ways based on our filter of beliefs that tell us to defend and protect or reach out and give.

Does the excess weight protect you from exposing deep wounds you want to pretend don’t exist within?  Or is the excess weight just a result of poor eating habits that you developed from a very early age.

A Road, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, That's Life WellnessWe could analyze for years, but the beauty of hypnosis is that you don’t have to go way back to find a successful road to weight loss.  If those driving thoughts are still actively engaged in managing your actions, then they are right on the surface and available to redirect in ways that will support a NEW path or journey forward.

Hypnosis is normally not the first option my clients have considered for weight release.  They usually have tried lots of diets and many weight loss programs.  Most of them are not sustainable and doomed to fail because they do not address the underlying CAUSE of your weight gain.

Hypnosis DOES directly work with those beliefs that you developed while putting on weight to shift them so they can now support a successful program of weight release.

Your Choice, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, That's Life WellnessYou’ve tried everything else.  If you are still unsatisfied with your outward appearance and want to FEEL better on the inside, why not give this approach a chance.  I’d be happy to discuss my approach to weight release and then you can decide whether that resonates with you.


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