Is Fear a Motivator?

25 Feb

powerfulYears ago, in one of my former careers, I was a real estate agent for a large local company. At one of the retreats to ramp up our enthusiasm to sell, I listened to half a dozen speakers (top producers) speak about what they did to become successful. The last speaker took the mic to encourage the audience to go out and spend , “run up the charges on your credit cards to the limit”. My mouth dropped and my temper heated up. She advocated increasing the stress in our lives as a motivator to get out and do whatever we needed to do to sell so that we could honor our personal debt.

This is extreme and I felt, terrible advise. Maybe some people respond to that kind of pressure, but at what expense? With all the other fear factors of life, why would anyone purposefully add more fear to motivate yourself to excel? What do you lose at the expense of achieving success in a pressure cooker?

fearFear CAN motivate, but is it a healthy motivator?

I can feel the stress just talking about it. My pulse quickens. My circulation speeds up. I feel a light fuzzy warmth begin to radiate off my skin. This isn’t the kind of reaction that feels good. It feels sickening.

If we pay attention to the body it will tell us whether fear is a motivator or makes you want to go back to bed and bury your head under the covers. For me, I got angry that a leader in the industry would have the gall to suggest placing myself and my family in a compromising position to earn a living.

Fear is stress. It comes at us from all directions. Sometimes it moves towards us at lightening speed and sometimes it’s an undercurrent that is always there.  It also lies.  Most fears never come true.

Fear is future based. What I mean is that you are most likely afraid of something which hasn’t happened, but in your mind, is a potential.  An interesting thing about fear…the fear thought comes from the past, you project it into a future scenario, and then wait for it to anchor in your body so you can feel it.  That’s disempowering at the very least.  Wouldn’t it be better to toss a more supportive thought into your future so you can manifest that?

Fear is backed by beliefs. Why do you fear such-and-such? And what would happen if that fear came true?

Fear creates chemicals that effect the body. This is why there is a physical response to it.   We can become “patterned” to this feeling so fear becomes part of our everyday experience. This chemistry effects other functions of our body and emotions, and contributes to illness. It can become our “normal”.

 Are you ready for something different?

 You are a product of your beliefs, perspectives and patterns which influence your Life. The good news is that you CAN make change to these things and begin to feel something different. How will it feel to move through life knowing you are okay? It’ll be different…it’ll feel different. It will be healthier.  You’ll have more energy to be directed to DOing rather than looking over your shoulder.  In this way you can credit yourself with taking action to succeed in the direction you choose.

Fear compromises your health, your sense of wellbeing, saps your energy and confines you in your own mind cell. You are in charge of the decision of when to break free and blossom into the person you know you can be.  Some people never acknowledge this option.  Some people wait for permission.  Grant yourself permission.  Fear is easy to find if you decide that’s where you must be, but just as a test, why not venture beyond fear to experience something fuller, safer and more relaxing?  Then stretch that “test time” to forever if you like what you’ve moved in to.

Hypnosis, NLP and a good nutrition program can work with you to facilitate a new Life experience.  Find someone who resonates with you as you invest in your present and future.  It’ll be the best investment you ever make!

*Results may vary from person to person.

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