Nutrition – Resources

Nutrition is the key to a good life.  We are a complex chemical organism.  Chemicals affect our emotions, the functions of our body and the energy we have which motivates us to explore this amazing planet Earth.  On this page you will find many articles specific to lots of varying topics, from many sources, related to physical and mental wellbeing.  I’m glad to share this one-stop resource point with you.  Enjoy.

pH Acid Levels in the Body

Signs that your body is too Acidic

Effect of pH in development of Cancer

How to Balance your pH and Heal your Body

Top 27 Alkaline Foods on the Market


Vegetables Containing Protein

7 High Protein Foods to Include in your Diet

10 Protein Packed Foods

Why Eating the Wrong Fruits and Vegetables can make Pain Worst

Diet Changes to Calm Anxiety

Sugar and Aspartame

Five Surprising Facts about Aspartame

Sugar and Obesity

Nutrients and Supplements

9 Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

Gout and Joint Pain

Worse Foods for Joint Pain

Rid Joints of Uric Acid

Uric Acid

How to put Rheumatoid Arthritis into Remission

Alzheimer’s Treatment

New Alzheimer’s Treatment

Aloe Vera and Alzheimer’s

Immune Health

8 Foods to Boost your Immune System

Natural Ways to Start Healing Autoimmune Disease

General Heath

8 Frightening Ingredients in Cigarettes

Healing the Gut

Common Causes of Inflammation

Depression:  It’s not your Serotonin

Fluoride and Thyroid Disease

Aluminum and Breast Cancer

Why dehydration is Making You SickWeight Release

Lemon Water


Effects of Zinc on Allergies

Dental Care

Alternative Ways to Heal Cavities