Officially Certified as a Dr. Amen Brain Health Coach

17 Apr

So what does it mean to be a Brain Health Coach?

It means I have a clearer understanding of just how our lifestyle, genetics, environment and food choices affect the health and vibrancy of our brain functions.

When everything appears to be working correctly we don’t pay attention to our body.  But as our physical body gets out of balance, from the neck down, the brain also suffers.  Smoking, for example, constricts blood flow…not good for your brain health.

This amazing organ weighs only about 2 pounds, but consumes over 25% of the calories we input and 20% of the blood flow and oxygen we use.  If you have circulation issues below the neck your brain function is suffering.

There are many natural supplements to help you.  Knowing which ones can help and which ones can make matters worse is important.

Each of us is unique so a supplement that helps your friend feel happy, may work in a reverse way for you.  I now have a greater understanding of why this is and other options available.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s take decades to deteriorate brain function to the point you notice any effects.  CARE to take action now to create a healthy brain.

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