Superfood Shakes – Nutrition and Hypnosis

Superfood Shake, Hypnosis for Weight LossYou might be asking yourself, “What does drinking a Superfood shake and hypnosis have in common”?  I’ve been on a new quest to find a good Superfood shake that I can stomach.  My logical mind KNOWS from a nutritional standpoint that superfoods are amazing for the body.  But why can’t someone make one that entertains my palette in a delightful way?

Every single superfood shake I have tried (bar none) has tasted chalky and disgusting.  I choke it down and shake (lol) my head, glad to be done with that indulgence for the day.  My issue is that I work with clients every day as an advocate for healthy eating and good nutrition.  If I cannot stomach a superfood shake it is very difficult to believe that my clients will stick to a program which includes this.  I KNOW IT’S HEALTHY!

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for changing beliefs and modifying behaviors.  Drinking a healthy shake is a GOOD behavior.  Good behaviors can be better if the palette agrees with my belief.

I recently was in discussion with a friend and agreed there had to be a solution.  So I am taking action.

Today I cut the shake powder quantity in half and added some fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries with a tablespoon of raw, organic, local honey to give it some sweetness.  Yes, honey contains some sugar.  It also contains a slew of beautiful, healthy properties so I give myself a pass.  The result is that the shake is better…not perfect yet, but manageable to choke down.  Portion size was good.  I did not enjoy all the seeds of the blackberries, so tomorrow will eliminate those and perhaps try a few cranberries for added flavor.  Stay tuned.  Once I find my “delicious” I will report back.

In the meantime, I DO recommend investing in a good Superfood shake mix.  What I am learning is that research is now suggesting that cancer may be a result of a nutrient deficiency.  Vitamin D, for example, has been shown to reduce cancer by as much as 77%.  Depression has been linked to inflammation of the vagus nerve (which runs from the brain stem to the gut).  Exploring good nutrition can save your body which in turn affects your emotions and the ability to enjoy this life.

Invest in your health folks.  Find ways to modify your palette.  Train your brain to trust the wisdom of science and truth of your desire to function well for a very long time.  Your body is brilliant and is capable of sustaining you in healthy ways given half a chance.