Hypnosis Can Help with Tough Choices

23 Jul

Hypnosis can help you define and make choices that are positive for your mind – body and spirit!! One of the saddest reminders of how dis-empowered we have become is to experience a new client walking into my office, strapped … Read More »

Hypnosis for Self Discovery

3 Aug

How you think about yourself is labeling.  Care should be taken to choose labels that support your future goals, not block you from them. You BECOME the labels you identify with.  Change your personal labels and you change the parameters and boundaries in your life. … Read More »

Hypnosis as a Tool for Wellbeing

28 Jul

Almost every day in my practice I am asked, “What is hypnosis?”   I have many explanations but no definitive answer because hypnosis continues to stump experts in this field. Is it an altered state of consciousness? In a school that’s … Read More »