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Meet Judy

Hypnotist, Certified Nutritional Health Coach and Brain Health Coach

I am a Certified Hypnotist, having studied both Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnosis Techniques to aid in hypnosis for Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Changing Habits and Overcoming fears.  

Bringing around full circle to my interest in consciousness and thoughts, in 2017 I have been certified as a Brain Health Coach from Dr. Amen.  He is a renowned psychiatrist encouraging the use of SPEC scan imaging that measures blood flow and can point to areas of the brain under or over functioning.  This can help pinpoint causes for emotional and/or physical issues without the guesswork.  For my work, understanding the brain provides me insight to offer natural alternatives to balance functions of the brain that can help my clients more easily achieve their goals.

I had been active in exploring the healing arts for many years and started making organic skin creams and then an organic, gluten-free coconut treat.  I found that I could only take that just so far without help, and I could not afford (during this economy) to hire additional help... so blending ALL my prior experience and interests, I branched out once again into the wonderful world of hypnotherapy.

I LOVE the study of consciousness and the personal potential each of us has to live either filled with fear and frustration OR to live focused on the excitement of Life... that would be the HAPPY excitement of Life... like joy and love.  I WANT to focus on my potential and invite YOU to take the step to learn from your past behaviors and relationships to release habits, fears, pain, stress, etc and enhance your potential.  Hypnosis can also be used to reduce physical issues.  Perhaps even eliminate old stuff altogether!

I am an officer on the Board of Directors at the Providence Fire Department in Weddington, North Carolina.  Being involved with the politics at the local and County levels has given me the insight that to achieve does not take the greatest of skills... it only requires an intention to take the steps to achieve.  I say this because it has been my experience that even at the State and County levels our leaders are not smarter, or better than myself.  They have just as many personal issues as me (and some have many more).  What sets them apart is that they have made the effort to be leaders instead of sitting back and hoping life will take care of them.

Every day YOU have this opportunity!!  Make a decision today to let go of old habits that hold you back from achieving what you hope to achieve.  Make the decision today to explore WHY you are having difficulty moving forward in a more positive way.  You DO have potential as long as you have a life.  Don't deny yourself the greatest gift you can receive.

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