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I realized very quickly that nutrition plays an important role in our wellbeing as I was working with clients to stop smoking and release excess weight.  Every thought we have produces a chemical.  Those chemicals can create urges or cravings to support habits and patterns.  If these habits work for you problem.

If someone comes to see me to stop smoking, reduce stress, release weight or old patterns, then something is NOT working.  Those chemicals being produced by old thoughts need to be updated with different, more positive chemicals which feel in alignment with the NEW experience you desire.

Your refrigerator is an excellent pharmacy, full of nutritious, tasty chemicals ready to be consumed to uplift you.  If you know how to use the foods available to you, you can use them to reduce inflammation, lift your spirit, clear your mind and increase your energy.

As I work with my clients, I slowly reacquaint them to foods which support the changes.

I will be linking important articles to this page so we all can be reminded of the powerful changes available by making smart choices.

*Results vary from person to person.  It's up to YOU to make permanent change.  I simply work as a partner to set up a conducive environment to make a positive shift.

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