Working Together

All information provided remains confidential.  I do not share or judge what you submit unless you authorize me to share with a physician or another health professional.

Every first visit with a client is a two-hour session.  This allows for plenty of time to understand your goal(s) and reasons for coming to see me.  I like to lay a foundation for the work we will be doing together and discuss how thoughts interplay with the physiology.  Every thought you have creates a chemical that moves through your body, affecting your emotions and physical functions.

During the first appointment, I will offer you techniques to deal with the challenges of life.  You can pick and choose from the list provided which one(s) fit your personality to help lower the stress that plays havoc with your health and emotions.

Subsequent sessions are approximately an hour.  We'll do far less talking and more directed work with the specific issues you need to be addressed.

There are lots of techniques to help with stress, fears, performance issues and habits that don't work for you anymore.  Understand that in order to change you must make changes in your life.  I cannot "magic" you into a more positive life if you are resisting change.  However, if you are ready to get real with yourself, we can find out how that negative part of your life is serving you and "educate" it into a better more productive assignment.

You are more than you believe yourself to be.  You CAN change as you let go of the fear of change.  You do that by being curious and exploring your inner strengths instead of focusing on your inner weaknesses.  I will be happy to show you how.