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"There is no doubt in my mind, the time I spent with Judy Johnston had a major impact in breaking the bonds cigarettes and (marijuana) held on me for 30 years. Her professional, personal and caring approach has given me the ability to enjoy a lifestyle that doesn't involve fear, shame, and disappointment. Instead, I now enjoy better health and more confidence in myself. Because of her, I feel I can conquer any issues that may come my way. A big portion of my life is back and the future for me and my family is brighter thanks to Judy. "

H. Patterson, South Carolina.

"Mine is not an unusual story. A lifetime of drugs, booze, bad living, motorcycle gangs and all that comes with all of the above. When I came to Judy I was at my wit's end. I tried all the doctors, all the medications and all of the other things "conventional medicine" had to offer. No dice. All that did was max out my insurance, and turn into an overweight zombie one hundred pounds heavier than I needed to be. I felt I had nowhere else to go. And my next stop was a bullet in the head. Either from my own gun or another. It didn't matter. 

When I came to see her, I had this idea that perhaps there was something to this "past life regression thing" like I had read in the books I was drawn to. "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls" were read right after "Many Lives, Many Masters" a few years ago. So I decided that I would give it a try. I tried absolutely everything else. 

Well, it took almost three years of her help to get me right. I found her to be compassionate, attentive and understanding. I sure didn't think that such a sophisticated lady could possibly help a knuckle-dragging biker like me. But her smile and sense of humor were very comforting. It was like I was speaking to my mother or something. I just wasn't used to anyone giving a damn about me. And I was the guiltiest one on that list. She helped me with more than I could possibly tell you. My past, present, and future were all re-aligned, and hope began to find its way back into my life. 

Now I am on the go again. Happy, smiling and almost "obnoxiously positive." I love it when people say to me: "you've changed, what happened?" When I tell them I finally found a therapist that works, they all applauded that what they thought was a hopeless case found a reason to live again. I don't do drugs anymore, and really take care of myself now. Or at least try to. It wasn't an overnight cure for me by any means. But I could actually feel the difference after the first session. I am in love with life for the very first time ever, and I am in my forties. I just can't put a price tag on how she changed my world forever. Thank you, Judy! You're the best!"

LS, Charlotte, North Carolina

*Obviously, results can vary from person to person.  All testimonials were written by real clients based on their individual experience working with me.  Any claims made are provided from their personal perspective and may not reflect my view.

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