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Pain Management - Personal Power - Insomnia

Hypnosis can be a viable alternative to deal with residual pain and discomfort.   However, always consult with a physician first.  I often receive physician referrals for hypnosis to work with the emotional components of pain after their patients have been treated for physical trauma or pain.  We feel pain both physical and emotional.  In fact, the only way we know we are experiencing pain is to feel it.  Pain is a useful tool to let us know something is out of balance.  It can also be misleading.

Pain is both physical and emotional

Sometimes when the physical cause of pain has been addressed our cellular memory allows the circuits to continue to transmit pain signals.  Think of it as a light switch that was turned on and then gets stuck, not realizing that the "out of balance" condition no longer exists.  At other times after an injury has healed emotions can trigger pain in those weakened areas of our body.  Back pain, for instance, is often aggravated by emotions of stress and anger.  I have worked with clients carrying emotions associated with grief, felt as pain in their abdomen or back.  Phantom pain is a real pain being felt in a limb which may not be visible to the eyes.

If you were to back up to the time before the pain, you might consider how you feel stress and where you feel it.  Does it occur as a headache, stomach tightening, a heavyweight in your chest, grinding of teeth, locking of your jaw, sinus issues, or shoulder discomfort?  This is your body talking to you, trying to let you know something is not working exactly as it should.  If not addressed, this energy can continue to coil around and around until it manifests as a physical symptom.  In fact, each example above IS physical.  Created through the unseen area of thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives.

Studies indicate that having a positive attitude will help speed recovery from injury and surgeries.  A positive focus generates potential and motivation to attempt what others may not see as possible, or more specifically, to heal when the odds have been stacked against you.

My program for working with pain:

YOU and you alone can make changes within yourself.  I set up a conducive environment to allow you to communicate with your body, move beyond the excuses and distractions, fears and other emotions so that you can make a slight shift in what you feel.  If the pain can fluctuate, sometimes more intense, sometimes less intense, then you can use the element of TIME to open SPACE to focus on those times when it is less intense and extend relief from seconds to minutes, hours and days.  Once on the move, the pattern of pain can be lowered to a manageable state, even eliminated in many instances.  Habitual patterns are controlled by the subconscious mind.

I will include techniques of self-hypnosis in our sessions so that you can control the time intervals of relief (until you completely eliminate those habitual pain patterns).  Of course, if there is something physical causing the pain it's important to check in with your physician before eliminating it.  Remember...pain is useful until you've addressed the physical component.

I charge $150 for the first visit and $100 for additional appointments. The first session with every new client is a two-hour appointment.  This is especially important to understand how and where you are experiencing pain.  Subsequent sessions are an hour.  I am happy to discuss how I will work with you and your pain issues.  Feel free to call me at 704-604-6636.

Judy Johnston, CHt, NLP                  That's Life Wellness                       704-604-6636

*Results vary from person to person.  If you are experiencing the pain I recommend consulting with a physician and dealing with any known physical component of pain BEFORE contacting me to address emotional components of pain.

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