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Hypnosis is a natural solution for weight loss

Are you tired of the yo-yo diets and fads and ready to address WHY you don't keep the weight off? Hypnosis deals with the underlying emotions and thoughts that are unconsciously generating signals to the conscious part of you that grabs the very foods you KNOW will put the weight back on...but you can't stop yourself! Yikes!

I've been helping clients for years to upgrade those old, nagging thoughts to more empowering and liberating ones. It's easy and fun to make the shift. Yes...YOU have to make the shift. I can't "magic" it for you (darn), but...BUT it can be energizing to finally be in charge. Change is exciting.

Here's my approach to weight release. Sounds funny to say "weight release". I use this term because the weight is NOT know exactly where it is. You want it GONE and out of your body. You probably know the fundamentals to let go of real food, exercise, hydrate, eat less and get enough sleep. What you may not have addressed are all those behind the scenes beliefs and self-talk that feel denied when you diet and want more and MORE and MORE. Releasing weight is not about depriving yourself. It's about trading out some old "stuff" (thoughts) for some new "stuff" (newer thoughts). And it's not just about releasing fat cells. It also means letting go of the thoughts and beliefs that created the fat in the first place. aren't wearing the same clothes from 10 years ago are you? (If you are it's time for a complete makeover --- hypnosis can help you here too). WHY stroll around with the same thoughts you had 10 years ago? It's TIME to update yourself.

Here's another doesn't take any more energy to feel good about yourself than to feel negative about yourself. So, if you have to feel something, why not invest in the good stuff (thoughts again)? Stop feeling like you don't have enough and redirect your focus to actions that will build your self-confidence, pride, self-worth, motivation, and energy!!

That's right! Thoughts are my specialty. I LOVE helping clients to unravel the mystery of how thoughts drive our actions. And the beauty of my work is that you are not taking yet another drug or chemical to "trick" your body or your mind into thinking it (the pill) is doing all the work, which, at the same time is also reinforcing your belief that you can't accomplish this goal all by yourself. I don't like that kind of thought. You are deserving to be all the good stuff (yep...more thoughts).

I'd be more than happy to discuss how my weight release program works using hypnotherapy. Basically I customize the program to fit YOUR goals instead of trying to box you in to a program that fits everyone. You are important and unique. So work with a program that recognizing your uniqueness.

If you are ready to take this BIG step, give me a call. Hypnosis CAN be the answer you've been looking for. The number below is my cell number. If I can't take your call immediately I will get back with you as soon as possible. So, if it's a reasonable hour, I'll look forward to answering any additional questions and/or setting up an appointment to become partners to work with you through this life transition.

Judy Johnston, CHt, NLP That's Life Wellness 704-604-6636

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