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Hypnosis Used to Manage Stress and Fears

Hypnosis is a relaxing process which naturally relieves stress and opens you to make a positive change to negative behavior or patterns. During 2020 and into 2021 we could all benefit from some time focused on healing and improving our life experience.

Stress is the number one silent killer in our society. It contributes to a long list of disease, imbalance, and emotional distress. At some level, you could say that ALL imbalance within the body is stress, both emotional and physical. I believe to understand stress we must recognize that our bodies are complex chemical organisms. Every thought we have creates a chemical that moves through our body, creating a reaction that we feel. So stress is both physical and emotional.

Stress is created by our lifestyle challenges, beliefs, relationships, habits and choices of foods. Sugar and is a major culprit. Habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs and other addictive patterns enhance levels of stress. Even the air we breathe is filled with energy that can emotionally charged with anger and fear, OR love and contentment. Think about that. What have you been consuming?

Stress does not exist outside of ourselves. It wants our attention. You may have been living in a stressful environment for so long that to pay attention and notice being stressed means you are intensely stressed. Others may be very sensitive to how their body responds to stress...migraines, back pain, joint pain, clenched jaws, bruxism (grinding of teeth), shoulder pain, bladder infections, or stomach aches. The list goes on and on.

When stress builds it moves into other, more intense feelings. Beliefs or understandings are intangible. We can't see them, feel them or touch them. They can generate stress. Did you know that studies show that most people are only consciously awake for 5% of their day? The other 95% of the day is spent in a semi-hypnotic state, looped in a cycle of internal dialogue. We put ourselves into our own hypnotic loop of thoughts generating chemicals which we feel as REAL. When we feel the effects of those thoughts we validate those thoughts, and cycle around and around and around, generating more and more chemical. If these thoughts are stress related we must break the cycle to stop the stress chemicals from being produced. Stress can build into anxiety, fears and phobias and depression.

Stress ---- Anxiety --- Fears and Phobias --- Panic Attacks --- Depression

My program for stress relief:

First of all, we must consider your specific level of stress. Fear is an underlying current to stress. I need to understand what you are experiencing, how you know you are experiencing the stress, and how you've been managing it up until our visit together. Are you taking medication? What are your coping strategies? What works and what doesn't?

The subconscious is a very literal part of us. It doesn't understand abstracts. It needs to understand the texture, vibration, and image of the experience. We will go over various techniques to deal with the stress. My work is centered around the premise that YOU are in charge of your thoughts, not a habit, fear or belief. If you are afraid to let go of a negative pattern, then we will address the resistance to change.

I charge $150 for the first visit and $100 for additional appointments. The first session is a two-hour appointment and subsequent sessions are an hour. How many sessions will it take to be in control of your stress? I don't know. It depends on you. Change can happen immediately or take 3 or more sessions. I do know that we will work in partnership to set a course for a more empowered experience. Even in the first appointment you will be given techniques to manage thoughts that drive stress in your life. I believe in actionable steps so you can strengthen positive intent and fade away the dark, fear that weighs you down.

*Results vary from person to person. I believe each of us is unique and responsible for the welfare of our life experience.

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