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Shift Your Thoughts, Shift Your Life

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Thoughts inspire actions and emotions. We use them to create perspectives and beliefs that shape the boundaries of our Identity. And then we use them to judge, prioritize and analyze what works for us and what doesn’t.

I haven’t had a client yet (after over 15 years of working with clients) tell me that they were taught how the mind processes data. I know I wasn’t! We are left to figure out how to navigate this crazy world without prior instructions on the very basic functions of thought.

Who are YOU? This is probably THE most important question you can ask yourself and SHOULD be asked repeatedly throughout life.

Who you are today is different than who you were yesterday or who you will become tomorrow. Thoughts are a tool, or colors on a paint pallet that we use to create on this life journey. Think of this as the shades of emotions we choose to experience, neither good or bad. Other people can tell you what they believe is positive or negative, and you might accept their definitions, OR you can define your own. YOU get to define what each color represents and how much to add on the canvas of your life.

We all have a master dictionary inside with definitions that we have adopted from others or created based on past experience. What is “success”? What is “good” or “bad”, “negative” or “positive”, “acceptable” or “not acceptable”? Realize that these definitions are MADE UP! We were given Free Will to accept what fits our definitions, to modify or reject what no longer works. You can update your internal dictionary of terms so you can coordinate how you feel inside with how you present yourself to the outside world.

Society and world views change over time. The beliefs our parents or grandparents carried may not work in today’s world. The same is true of our beliefs as we mature. You don’t wear the same size or styles you wore 20 years ago. You updated your wardrobe. You can do the same thing to your beliefs and perspectives. Imagine going shopping for what fits better today. Maybe you only need a small accessory to feel better and maybe you are ready for a complete redo. You have the right to change…and it only costs some time to explore yourself and decide what works for you.

What is the experience you are seeking? Are you ready to claim yourself as the CEO of your life? This is important because there is a power shift as you acknowledge your control over the thoughts you carry.

So what I’m saying is that you can change and update what you carry inside to fit how you choose to BE on the outside! It doesn’t have to be a big struggle. When you are ready to shift your thoughts, you WILL shift your life.

My book is aptly named, “Shift Your Thoughts, Shift Your Life”. In it you’ll find an easy-to-read explanation of how the mind processes data and converts it into our biology that we notice as feelings. It is filled with techniques to deal with the stressors of life, and forms to help you figure out what isn’t working anymore so you can take steps to update and make positive change. As we grow in awareness, we can let go of the weight associated with negative, self-critical, disempowering thoughts!

My clients tell me they love the option to fill out the forms online and then download them to a personal file on their computer OR print them off. The book covers lots of topics from daily stress, relationships, pain, confidence, habits such as smoking or drinking or drugs, weight and foods, etc. I cover using food as medicine and discuss herbs to help with sleep, brain function and general well-being.

My phone app, Hypnosis Rx, is intended as a companion to my book. They work independently or together, but when used together will enhance your support to achieve the goals you desire. You have choice to carry the traumas, or dramas of life, or to journey with a light mind of positive, curious, positive, adventure seeking perspectives. With each actionable step you will release old internal baggage that weighs you down so you see a more fulfilling, bright, future.

My book is available for purchase from my website, or eBook and hardback from Amazon.

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