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Smoking is a Bad Relationship - Say Goodbye

Face the facts about smoking.

Smoking is a dysfunctional relationship. If you are a smoker, you need to be with it. At the same time, there is a part of you that KNOWS smoking is hurting you. You are living in a state of denial because your need for the relationship is still greater than you need to let go. You may have refused to see the dark side of this relationship. For some people, maybe you, it's the best relationship you've ever had. It's supported you through the bad times and the good times. You've laughed together and cried together.

But it's taking from you with every puff. It takes your money, your time, your energy, your focus, AND your health. It's aging you and playing havoc with your body AND mind.

What about relationships?

We stay in them until the hurt and discomfort become greater than the reward. We put off making the decision to let go because it seems easier to remain in the same status quo.

Smoking is an abusive relationship!

Smoking hurts your body!

What's it going to take for you to say goodbye to this relationship/habit/addiction? Yes, it will cost some money to wean off the nicotine addiction whether you choose another drug to help or work with someone such as myself using hypnosis. (I currently charge $250 for my smoking cessation program). But, you are more than happy to spend your money on another pack of cigarettes or invest in an e-cigarette and the vials.

What do you get back from smoking?

Many of my clients say smoking relaxes them, or it gives them an excuse to take a break from work or house chores. Think about it. Do you really need an excuse to take a break? Why not just DO it!

Smoking affects brain functions.

The truth is that smoking DOES NOT relax the body. Inside you're a mess. You've blocked much of your ability to receive the oxygen your body needs to function. And you're filling it with additional toxins, even if you're using e-cigarettes. When you smoke your veins and arteries constrict, slowing your ability to feed every cell of your body, including your brain. Your brain NEEDS ample blood flow so you can make good decisions in life and think through situations.

When your organs cannot function efficiently, your body will find a way to protect itself...namely, it will force you to relax to allow the organs to catch up with their needs. You feel this as low energy or fatigue.

Care about the environment INSIDE!! Smoking is a wasteland.

Unseen to you is the havoc that all the chemicals in tobacco and cigarette are causing inside your body. If your best friend or spouse was putting arsenic poison in your breakfast meal, you might get upset. This "friend" is filled with arsenic, butane (like the kind in lighter fluid), DDT, Formaldehyde, lead, Cyanide, ammonia, Cadmium (the stuff in batteries), and hundreds of other chemicals. There are over 4000 chemicals in cigarettes and over 23 carcinogens.

Imagine you are smoking waste from a toxic landfill every time you pick up a cigarette! It's that bad.

Your body tries to deal with this for as long as it can. But as we age (and you are aging faster than you should as a smoker) the body cannot keep up with managing all these toxins so you begin to feel the effects. You may notice it's harder to breathe deeply. Your energy is lower. You might have brain fog, digestive issues, heart issues, circulatory issues like cold hands and feet. Lower brain function can increase your risk of depression and dementia.

You are better than this! You deserve to treat yourself better. If you can't, then how can you expect anyone else to? The sooner you quit the sooner you will start to empower yourself to change the cycle of negative decisions toward improving your lifestyle and direction. Wanna feel happier....then start making choices to lead in that direction!

There are plenty of medications available to help you quit, some with adverse side effects. OR, try hypnosis. It's a drug-free approach to stop using drugs. I love it because it's an empowering approach to prove to yourself that you CAN make positive decisions that improve your health and wellbeing.

Take the path to WELLNESS!

Say goodbye to that ugly relationship with smoking. Say hello to a new, strong, vibrant Self!

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