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Where would we be if you didn't create relationships?  We are a WORLD of relationships.  It could be between another member of the human race or your job, a habit, a hobby or a responsibility you have accepted.  These relationships work until you decided they don't anymore.  Are you still learning from the relationship?  Does it offer you room to grow and evolve?  Does it uplift you or drag you down?  When or if it stops fulfilling you, you can decide to stay in it or not.  Hypnosis helps you unravel the drama of individual issues and expose your truth to feelings, perspectives, and beliefs which influence your response to these relationships.

Relationships can be the most rewarding or the most challenging of life experiences.

How do you feel about your Self?  We can be our own worse enemy or our best coach.  Our conscious mind can butt heads with our subconscious mind or be the motivation we need to move through challenges.  We can try to blame other things or people for our "plight in life", but at the end of the day, we are what we choose to Be.

We need relationships to validate life purpose and experience.  they can be simple or very complicated.  Even if you were alone on an island you would create a relationship with the ocean, sand, trees, climate, etc.

So the big question is:  How do I create fulfilling and positive relationships and how can hypnosis help?

Uplifting relationships are painted with elements of love, trust, personal power, confidence, calm and the awareness that life is about change.  Diminishing relationships contain elements of loneliness, dissatisfaction, distrust, weakness, self-judgment, and frustration.

Relationships start with you because you are the common denominator in ALL your relationships.  When your personal relationship with YOU is healthy you are able to attract other healthy relationships.  If it's toxic then you will most likely attract other toxic relationships to support this environment.  You are in charge of you so begin there to make a positive change in your beliefs, perspectives, and thoughts.

Communication is another major factor in creating strong, healthy relationships.  When I work with clients in hypnosis we focus on any negative inner chatter that creates a small, weak image of Self.

I charge $150 for the first visit and $100 for additional appointments. Every first session with a client is a two-hour appointment and each subsequent session is an hour.  Call or text me to set up an appointment or answer any questions.


Judy Johnston, CHt, NLP                                That's Life Wellness                                       704-604-6636

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