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Weight Release

                                                                                You want the weight release it!

                                                                                I am typically not the first help someone seeks for releasing weight.  You may have tried                                                                                  all kinds of diets and weight release programs.  You may be well versed in the                                                                                                  fundamentals to release weight....eating real foods, exercise, etc.  I'm sure you're well                                                                                        aware of the physical AND emotional toll the additional weight has taken on your body                                                                                  and life experience.  So why haven't you been able to release the weight and keep it                                                                                        off?  Over 80% of people that achieve their goal to release weight eventually put it back                                                                                  on.  Why?


Weight release requires an examination of nutritional habits as well as emotional baggage.  If you don't address the reasons why you added weight and have not been successful achieving your goal to release AND KEEP OFF weight, your subconscious will find ways to put you back in the environment you are familiar.  When you attempt to reduce weight yet don't achieve this goal, you reinforce a belief that reducing weight is difficult and deny yourself the sense of achievement which is positive and feels good.



Food is energy.  The more high-quality the food, the higher the value in nutrients and energy.  

What we consume comes in the form of food, liquids AND the emotional energy around us.  

How high is your stress level?  How healthy are the relationships in your life?  What about the

inner conversations...are they positive or do they hurt you?  As humans, we are consumers of

energy...ALL THE TIME, whether eating or not.



I am always educating myself.  A few weeks ago I listened to a lecture given by one of the leading neurologists in the country.  He mentioned that a major contributor to neurological issues is dehydration.  The brain is 80% water.  If you are dehydrated the brain actually dries out and shrinks a little (like a sponge).  This can cause issues like brain fog, memory misfiring, dizziness, etc.  You need to consume liquids (I recommend water) to help flush the toxins and fat out of your body.  Dehydration can slow down the metabolism.

My approach to weight release is to address the level of energy you are consuming throughout the day.  You CAN change if you are willing and ready to move into a new experience.  I combine the basics of weight release and nutrition with a building of self-empowerment from the inside out.  You don't have to be stuck in your experience of being overweight, under-motivated, tired, or embarrassed.  What you need is a new mindset that feels energized, excited about the future, and focused on the potential of life.

Your subconscious is 1 million times more powerful than your conscious mind.  Once it understands what you want to achieve, look out.  I like to encourage my clients to build their Future based on new thoughts instead of repeating the same old thoughts that spin you around and around in the vicious circle.

My Weight Release Program:

                                                             Our first session is a two-hour appointment.  I want to understand your goals and expectations, any                                                                health issues, what you've tried in the Past related to weight release and your thoughts on where to                                                                focus.  I will give you lots of handouts to begin highlighting the complexity of our bodies and how                                                                  the metabolism responds to either produce energy or store nutrients in fat cells.  New research                                                                      helps to provide insights on how fat cells function.  I believe knowledge is helpful, so education is a                                                                part of our program.  We will go over the techniques and action steps.  The program does not do                                                                    any good if you expect to "magic" your way to success.  You MUST take action to empower yourself.                                                                There is no magic pill.  We will spend approximately an hour in hypnosis reinforcing everything we                                                                discuss so you can begin this new journey.  I charge $150 for this appointment.  

Subsequent sessions are each approximately an hour.  I like to see clients about a week apart between the first and second sessions and then these appointments can be spaced out further to accommodate your schedule.  I enjoy making audios to support clients on their journey and if you would like this, we can make one or more customized audios to help between sessions.  I also have more generic audios to help.  After that first session, each appointment is $100. 

Depending on whether it's just a few pounds or more can determine how many sessions you'll need.  


Today is a great time to make a positive change!

Judy Johnston, CHt, NLP                        That's Life Wellness                     704-604-6636

*Results vary from person to person.  It's up to YOU to make a permanent change.  I simply work as a partner to set up a conducive environment to make a positive shift.

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