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Shift Your Thoughts

I'll show you how to tame the wolves that can live in the shadows of the mind.  
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Hypnosis with Judy Johnston

                Advanced NLP coach

                      Nutritional Health Coach

      Certified Brain Health Coach (through Amen's Clinic)


AS OF JUNE 1, 2022 I closed my office, and only working with existing clients.  

Meet Judy

Hypnotist, Nutritional Health Coach, Certified Brain Health Coach


My "That's Life" name is appropriate to describe my life. I feel like I've already played many different "roles".  I was a computer programmer for 14 years, a proud mother of two amazing young men, and an artist and sculptor exhibiting in New York for 10 years as they were growing.

Hypnosis can bring awareness to you about WHY it feels like walking through mud to step beyond the issues which you've tried so hard to let go.  OR, if you have goals to achieve EVEN more... this could be an avenue for you.

There are many modalities out there.  I've studied a few of them... Quantum-Touch, PSYCH-K, Cranio-Sacral Therapy... and each provides healing in its own way.  What I also found is that the bottom line is that you must empower yourself to heal.  With awareness comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes a broader range of choices... which IS empowering.

Please contact me if you are ready

to get to know a GREATER YOU!!

 Judy Johnston      704-604-6636   



What I Specialize In

Learn to Manage Stress and Fears - Flying



Negative Thoughts

Let go of Negative Habits -

Stop Smoking


Establish Better Eating Habits -

Weight Release

Listen to Your Body -

Pain Management

Personal Healing

Sleep Issues

Relationships - 

With Yourself

With Others

With Work or School

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

I wrote this booklet as a go-to guide to manage health using "real food" as medicine.   -->

It's 28 pages, packed with information to quickly begin a healing strategy while developing YOUR healing program.  

Proactive Plan Front Cover.jpg

“Judy helped me become smoke free after 30 years of smoking over 2 packs a day!  I am forever grateful”

Cindy Stokes

“I was extremely afraid to get on an airplane and I wanted to go places and visit with my extended family.  After only a few sessions I am now feeling liberated.  Thank you!”

- Debra Anderson

“My mind kept me in an invisible prison.  I was depressed, sad and critical of myself.  Judy taught me to see the potential I AM!  I am now much more positive and happy.”

- Jon Barrett

Let’s Get Healthy

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