Hypnosis can help in 2020

31 Aug

My work as a Hypnotherapist focuses around shifting perspectives, beliefs, patterns and habits. The more flexible we are to adapt to change, the easier it is to let go of old stuff and create explore new opportunities without fear. This … Read More »

Welcome to Hypnosis

26 Mar

Use hypnosis to change…habits like smoking or drinking, relationships, confidence, fears, sports performance, sleeping issues, pain or discomfort, past traumas. Make positive updates so you can express outwardly all the amazing qualities hidden inside. Every thought you accept (through your … Read More »

Hypnosis CAN help you with Weight Loss

15 Mar

Hypnosis opens us to a positive, peaceful, safe space where shifts and changes can manifest into lifestyle differences such as weight loss.  To release or lose weight we must start with a new mindset that will become a partner in achieving … Read More »

Is Fear a Motivator?

25 Feb

Years ago, in one of my former careers, I was a real estate agent for a large local company. At one of the retreats to ramp up our enthusiasm to sell, I listened to half a dozen speakers (top producers) … Read More »

Business Wants You To Stop Smoking

11 Jan
Quit smoking, Get Help From Hypnosis for Smoking of That's Life Wellness

Did you know that employers can legally discriminate against smokers?  It’s true.  Smokers cost business big bucks.  Insurance can be anywhere from 30 – 60% higher to cover smokers.  Typically everyone (whether you’re a smoker or not) pays for this … Read More »

Is Stress Contagious

8 Jan
Cause Of Stress Explained By Hypnotists in Charlotte NC

Stress can be contagious. We are all affected by the energy and moods of those around us. Someone that is stressed often expresses that “out of sorts” emotion with a short temper, sharp tongue, lack of focus or exhaustion. It’s … Read More »

Turning Pipe Dreams into Reality

4 Dec

Have you ever had a great idea or dream that seemed so inspiring and at the same time, so far-fetched you knew you’d never reach for it?  Do you remember how good it felt to have this fantasizing thought?  I’m not talking about … Read More »


13 Oct

Looking over my life, I recall so many days wondering whether it was really worth it and if anyone really cared who I was or what I was doing. Even today as I am focused on helping others make a … Read More »

Hypnosis Can Help with Tough Choices

23 Jul

Hypnosis can help you define and make choices that are positive for your mind – body and spirit!! One of the saddest reminders of how dis-empowered we have become is to experience a new client walking into my office, strapped … Read More »

Fight Back Against Autoimmune Disease

2 Feb

Autoimmune dysfunction take YEARS to develop! When I was growing up I remember going with my mom to the local plant nursery to escape into the lushness of perfect tropical plants. Mom and I loved plants. We used this adventure as a … Read More »

Superfood Shakes – Hypnosis and Nutrition

16 Oct

You might be asking yourself, “What does drinking a Superfood shake and hypnosis have in common”?  I’ve been on a new quest to find a good Superfood shake that I can stomach.  My logical mind KNOWS from a nutritional standpoint … Read More »

Hypnosis for Self Discovery

3 Aug

How you think about yourself is labeling.  Care should be taken to choose labels that support your future goals, not block you from them. You BECOME the labels you identify with.  Change your personal labels and you change the parameters and boundaries in your life. … Read More »

Hypnosis as a Tool for Wellbeing

28 Jul

Almost every day in my practice I am asked, “What is hypnosis?”   I have many explanations but no definitive answer because hypnosis continues to stump experts in this field. Is it an altered state of consciousness? In a school that’s … Read More »

Hospitals and Trauma Change Us

9 Jan
Medical Trauma Explained By Hypnotherapy Charlotte NC of of That's Life Wellness

Hospitals are the most dangerous place to be.  According to the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Service only about 1 in 7 incidents leading to patients being harmed in a hospital gets reported. The inspector general … Read More »

I’m so excited to share this new publication and my websites.  My goal is to share  insights and techniques to increase an awareness which may help you make positive change, whether that is to reduce stress, release weight, improve nutrition or relationships or change any negative inner chatter which can sabotage or keep us awake at night.  You’re in the right place to find simple solutions to calm down, take a breathe, and focus on making positive changes instead of only seeing all the challenges!

Join me on this journey of personal development, wellness and health!